Cooking is fun. Eating is funner. I cook, photograph and write these recipes.
Everything I post on this blog I make from scratch using fresh wholesome ingredients.. I've been cooking since I was a little kid.

My recipes are based on trial and error, along with studying cookbooks, family recipes, blogs and cooking shows.

Some of the veggies and herbs I use are grown in my garden. Yay sustainability!
I'm working on making my yard into an edible landscape. It's really fun to go out in the garden and pick your veggies for dinner!
I'm helping as many people as I can to plant edible gardens in their yards too. It's hard work but it's really fun!



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    Edible Landscape Update October 25, 2013

    We planted two fruit trees this week, a Pluot and a Pomegranate. The Pomegranate is a large shrub more than a tree. It has pretty fall color and 1 pomegranate on it. It’s also drought tolerant, and that’s good because I live in the desert Southwest.  

    The Pluot tree is a cross between and Plum and an Apricot. I love Pluots! The fruit is speckled and has the texture of a Plum but is slightly sweeter like an Apricot. 

    We’ve been harvesting Eggplant. The photo here is a Variety called “Little Fingers”, we also have some Japanese Eggplant called “Ichiban”.

    The basil is starting to die back because of cold nights. But we’re still watering and cooking with it. I’m letting the plants flower though, so they’ll set seed. 

    The Red Amaranth is so ropy and cool, but I’m not sure I’m going to cook anything with it. I’ll probably put a branch in that spot so the birds can feast on it.

     I have seeds started for winter crops. Kale, Chard, Sugar Snap Peas (my favorite cold weather vegetable) Lettuce, Cipollini Onions, and Fava Beans. The Fava Bean sprouts are huge and amazing. I’ve never grown Favas before, but my Sister gave me some fresh ones from one of her CSA boxes last winter and they were delicious. So I’m excited to cook with them this winter.


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