Cooking is fun. Eating is funner. I cook, photograph and write these recipes.
Everything I post on this blog I make from scratch using fresh wholesome ingredients.. I've been cooking since I was a little kid.

My recipes are based on trial and error, along with studying cookbooks, family recipes, blogs and cooking shows.

Some of the veggies and herbs I use are grown in my garden. Yay sustainability!
I'm working on making my yard into an edible landscape. It's really fun to go out in the garden and pick your veggies for dinner!
I'm helping as many people as I can to plant edible gardens in their yards too. It's hard work but it's really fun!



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     Oct 16th is take your crappy food back to Whole Foods Day, or ”World Food Day”, where Whole Foods customers are being encouraged to return masses of GMO products they purchased at Whole Foods. I’m in. I often look at their corn and soy products and wonder if they contain GMO’s. Especially the corn tortillas, which do not say made with organic corn. Now I know. 

    My neighbor exclusively shops there because she believes that everything they sell is organic. She will be very shocked to hear this.

    Another great reason to Vote Yes on 37 and spread the word. Yes on 37. We have a right to know whats in our food.


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      Hey! Whole foods will never carry food with artificial flavoring and colors. They do however carry food with GMOs. These...
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      WOW. Whole Foods just stopped getting my business.
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